Investigation into religious symbols graffiti in Fife town

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Police are investigating after a graffiti artist put religious symbols on around 68 places around St Andrews.

The symbols have appeared on locations around north east Fife in the past, with around 480 being done just in St Andrews.

The symbols have been used from various religions, although the latest batch have been of the Christian cross, along with a love heart.

The symbols have been put on everything from house doors to war memorials, using different types of materials to make the graffiti, including permanent marker.

The St Andrews Environmental Network’s Clean and Green team have been left to clean up most of the graffiti.

“There are a few places in St Andrews that have still got the marks, but most we have been able to remove,” said project manager David Angus.

The symbols first started appearing across north east Fife in September 2018, with similar graffiti found in Crail, Cupar, Newport and even in Dundee.

“It’s a nightmare. When we’re going around and doing our jobs, we’re having to go around looking for them,” explained David. “Then we might have to contact to the business to let them know. Quite a few man hours have gone into removing them.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police in St Andrews are investigating after buildings in North Street, South Street and Market Street were vandalised with graffiti between July and August 2019. Officers are currently following a positive line of inquiry.”