Kirkcaldy couple offer reward after break-in

Scott Gibson with some of the empty jewellery boxes
Scott Gibson with some of the empty jewellery boxes

A Kirkcaldy couple have put up a £5000 reward for the conviction of the thieves who ransacked their home and stole irreplaceable keepsakes and jewellery.

Julie and Scott Gibson were left anguished after their home in Dunvegan Avenue was targeted last Wednesday evening.

They believe the culprit waited until it was dark before using the woods behind their house as cover and breaking in through a side door.

And as well as escaping with a safe containing some personal and expensive items of jewellery, including the couple’s wedding, engagement and eternity rings and Julie’s mother’s wedding ring and pearls, the haul included a four figure sum of money and a four figure sum of US dollars which the couple had in their safe from their last holiday in Florida.

Scott (44), who runs his own car body shop repair service in the town, came home at 6.45pm and was alerted that something wasn’t right because the family’s pet Jack Russell, Victor, didn’t come running to meet him and was shut in the downstairs kitchen.

When he went into the room he was hit by cold air and, switching on the light saw the glass in the top of the side door had been smashed.

His immediate fear was for the couple’s 14-year-old daughter Nadia, but after several frenzied calls he was told she had gone to the gym.

Scott called his wife who came straight home and they realised what had been taken.

“They were very methodical and shut the blinds and curtains in the rooms they went into,” explained Julie, who said she was initially very upset, but was now angry.

“I’m angry that someone would thing they could come into our house and take things that cannot be replaced, like Nadia’s baby teeth and our engraved wedding rings and my mum’s pearls.”

The couple have now taken to social media to try to find any information on who was responsible and say that several of the same names have been mentioned.

“The reward is not about our possessions, it is about peace of mind and finding out the low life scum who did this,” said Scott.

And A1 Carwash in Kirkcaldy, which Scott uses through his work, have boosted the reward sum by £1000.

Julie added that she had repeatedly seen an older style white transit van in the area over the last few weeks but thought little of it until now.

“I saw it at Christmas and I thought it was deliveries from Amazon, but it’s quite an old van,” she recalled.

“It might be nothing, but I’ve asked police to try and check CCTV.”

And the couple say they won’t rest until those responsible are caught.