Kirkcaldy prisoner built tattoo gun from guitar string

Steven Maltman
Steven Maltman

A prisoner who built a tattoo gun from a guitar string was caught because of the unusual burning smell coming from his cell.

Steven Maltman was jailed for an extra 23 weeks after he admitted having a tattoo gun with a ‘needle’ inside Perth Prison.

Maltman (36) from Kirkcaldy, was serving 40 months for attacking a disabled pensioner in his own home when he was caught with the crude home-made tattoo gun.

Fiscal depute Robbie Brown told Perth Sheriff Court: “It was initially thought to have been a needle or an exposed syringe, but in fact it is a piece of guitar wire.

“It has effectively become a makeshift needle. It was not something which started as a needle. A search was carried out and the item was found.

“There was a smell coming from whatever was being done with the tattooing device. It literally didn’t smell right, and officers carried out a search.”

Solicitor Pauline Cullerton, defending, said Maltman had been jailed for 40 months last year and would not be released from prison until January 2021.

Sheriff William Wood said: “I have to take a dim view of this. This kind of thing can be used as a weapon or used to curry favours with other prisoners.

“You are a relatively young man who has spent a considerable amount of time courtesy of Her Majesty, languishing in prison.”

Maltman was jailed last year for viciously assaulting and robbing a complete stranger of £1,600 in his own home.

The OAP was punched to the floor of his living room after being conned into letting Maltman into his home to buy tobacco.

He admitted that on September 20, 2018, at the man’s home in Rosyth, he assaulted him by punching him on the head, causing him to fall to the ground, seized him by the head, pushed his head against the ground to his injury and robbed him of two wallets, their contents, a sum of money and a quantity of tobacco.

After the items were stolen, Maltman warned the victim: “Stay there or I’ll come back and get you.” The drug addict was later seen in a taxi with a large wad of notes.

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