Levenmouth criminal makes Scottish legal history

Isabella Jackson (picture by George McLuskie)
Isabella Jackson (picture by George McLuskie)

A Levenmouth woman who made death threats to a high-profile politician and bomb threats to a number of well-known locations has received the first ever Serious Crime Prevention Order (SCPO) to be issued in Scotland.

Isabella Jackson (73), of Buckhaven, was sentenced to 45 months’ imprisonment last month at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court after she pleaded guilty to sending death threats to the then Home Secretary, now Prime Minister, Theresa May, as well as the police. She also admitted making bomb threats to Harrods, Edinburgh Airport and King’s Cross Station in London.

The court granted the Crown application for the civil order last week at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court.

The terms of the order mean wheelchair-bound Jackson is subject of a SCPO for a period of five years, beginning from the date she is released from prison.

The SCPOs is a civil court order designed to help people involved in serious crime, or those convicted of a serious crime, refrain from re-offending.

The Court, on application, can order measures to be put in place where an individual can be prevented from participating in activity which has the potential to lead them back into a criminal lifestyle.

In Jackson’s case, the order restricts the number of communications devices she can own and Police Scotland must be notified of any change of device, or account under which one is operated.

She must also notify police of all online and social media accounts.

Liam Murphy, Procurator Fiscal for Specialist Casework, said: “Serious Crime Prevention Orders are a powerful tool to help people convicted of a serious crime from re-offending. This order, the first in Scotland under new legislation, shows prosecutors will use all measures at our disposal to disrupt criminal activity.

“The actions of Isabella Jackson caused major inconvenience, fear and alarm. The prohibitions placed on her, which allow for intensive monitoring on release, will, I hope, give her considerable pause for thought in the future.”