Man confessed in police station to abusing young girls

The High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh
The High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh

A man turned up at a police station in Kirkcaldy and confessed to sexually abusing young girls before later claiming that he was suffering hallucinations when he made the disclosure.

Andrew Steele voluntarily arrived at the station, and revealed to officers that he had been touching one girl from the age of eight and having sex with another child.

He was initially released pending further investigations but was detained months later and told officers that his mother was “up in the sky” urging him to confess to the sex crimes when he made his revelations.

But police had traced his victims and obtained statements from them.

Unemployed Steele (49) formerly of William Street, Dunfermline, admitted rape, indecency offences and failing to turn up for an earlier court date, when he appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh. The crimes were committed between 1996 and 2005.

Advocate depute Mark McGuire said: “In December 2014, the accused voluntarily attended at Kirkcaldy police station and disclosed that he had interfered with the girls.”

“In March 2015, he was detained. Under caution he told officers that he was having hallucinations on the day that he confessed. He told them that his mother was up in the sky telling him to confess. He maintained this position throughout the interview.’’

The prosecutor said that before his first appearance at the police station, Steele had gone to hospital and claimed that he was hallucinating.

“He was assessed by three medical professionals who concluded that he was suffering from alcohol withdrawal. He was deemed fit to be discharged,” said the prosecutor.

The court heard that Steele began abusing his first child victim at addresses in Kirkcaldy when she was aged seven. Steele’s offending behaviour escalated over time and he went on to rape the youngster.

He also began abusing a second girl when she was aged seven, also in Kirkcaldy. The victims later revealed what had happene and police were contacted, but both initially retracted the allegations.

The judge, Lord Bannatyne, deferred sentence on Steele for the preparation of a background report. He remanded him in custody and placed him on the sex offenders’ register.