Murder trial: Sci-fi fan tells how struggle with sword ended in death

Police sealed off the area after the incident in January.
Police sealed off the area after the incident in January.

A SCIENCE fiction fan has told jurors how he “fought for his life” during a “violent tussle” in his home with a man who had armed himself with his ornamental sword.

Adrian Hynd (51) told a jury how he spent half an hour struggling with Alexander Forbes (25) during a confrontation at his home in Kirkcaldy, on January 2 2017.

Alex Forbes

Alex Forbes

The High Court in Edinburgh heard Mr Hynd say on Wednesday how he spent the previous evening enjoying himself at the Windsor bar.

He told the court that after the pub shut, he, Mr Forbes and two men returned to his house on Victoria Road.

The court heard that the men spoke about plans to buy the pub. But as the evening progressed, some of the men later said they didn’t want to pursue the plan.

Mr Hynd told the court that Mr Forbes’ mood changed at that point. He said that Mr Forbes grabbed a sword which was being kept on a stand in his living room.

Mr Hynd told the court that Mr Forbes started swinging the blade towards him.

The court heard that the pair started struggling with each other and the confrontation lasted for approximately half an hour.

Mr Hynd told the court that the tussle ended after he inflicted injuries on Mr Forbes.

He told the court: “I was in a violent tussle with him. I was fighting for my life. I can’t believe I took a life.”

Mr Forbes was giving evidence on the sixth day of proceedings against him.

Prosecutors claim Mr Hynd murdered Mr Forbes after the pair met the previous evening in the Windsor bar.

Mr Hynd, who the court has heard collects science fiction figures, denies the charge and claims he acted in self defence after Mr Forbes attacked him.

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr Hynd told the court that Mr Forbes grabbed a sword which had been kept on a stand in his living room.

Mr Hynd, who works as an operation manager for a cleaning firm, told defence advocate Mark Stewart QC that Mr Forbes and people in their company had been discussing buying the pub.

But Mr Hynd said Mr Forbes’s mood changed when the people involved said they had changed their mind.

Mr Hynd said: “He said ‘what a waste of my effing time’.”

“He grabbed the sword with his left hand and he swung it at my head. I ducked and it bounced off my head.

“I stuck out my left arm to stop the sword from hitting my face.”

Mr Hynd said Mr Forbes still continued to swing the sword at him. He said the blade struck him on his wrist.

He told Mr Stewart: “I was saying ‘what’s going? What’s happening?

“He was mad and angry, really, really angry.”

Mr Hynd said he sustained injuries during the confrontation. He also said he ended up on the ground during the tussle.

Mr Hynd told Mr Stewart that he managed to get his hands on the sword at one point during the confrontation and that he used it to injure Mr Forbes.

He said: “I stabbed him on the left hand side. It was just a jab and I pulled it out.

“He stopped writhing and then it went quiet. Dead quiet. I didn’t make a move. I thought ‘Oh God’.

“I put my hand forward to see if he was still breathing. His eyes opened and he went for my nose with his teeth.”

Mr Hynd said the tussle continued until he inflicted more blows on Mr Forbes.

He told the court: “I held him down for about 10 to 15 minutes.”

Mr Hynd told Mr Stewart that he was concerned that Mr Forbes could have been play acting.

He added: “Because if he got up and he was kidding that was me.”

Mr Hynd then told the court that he left his house and tried to flag down motorists for help. He said he also tried to get help from neighbours.

Mr Hynd said he eventually returned to his flat, found his mobile phone and telephoned the police.

Prosecutors claim that on January 2, 2017, at 80 Victoria Road, Kirkcaldy, Mr Hynd assaulted Mr Forbes, of Cakemuir Gardens, Edinburgh,.

It’s alleged that Mr Hynd struggled with Mr Forbes seized hold of his neck, repeatedly punched him on the head and body before butting him on the head.

The Crown alleges that Mr Hynd then repeatedly struck him on the head and body with a knife and that he “did murder him.”

His legal team has lodged a special defence which states that their client acted in self defence having been first attacked by Mr Forbes.

The trial, before judge Lord Ericht, continues.