New police horse called Cupar

Cupar is Police Scotland's newest recruit
Cupar is Police Scotland's newest recruit

The latest recruit to Police Scotland, an eight-year-old horse, is to be called Cupar.

Members of the public were asked to vote for their favourite name from three choices of place names, the format used by the police for naming their horses.

The choices were Kelso, Dunbar and Cupar, with the latter picking up a hefty 43 per cent of the public vote.

Inspector Leigh McManus of the police Mounted Unit said: “Our newest recruit has been named Cupar, after 43 per cent of over 7000 people voted for this in our social media poll.

“Cupar, a beautiful 8-year-old Clydesdale, will soon be patrolling throughout Scotland with his colleagues to help keep our communities safe.

“He will also be helping to police special and major events, with our horses being a fantastic asset for crowd control.

“All our horses are named after towns in Scotland and, of course, Cupar is looking forward to visiting his namesake in the near future!”