Patrols stepped up at Silverburn Park after recent vandalism

Silverburn Park.
Silverburn Park.

Plans to install more CCTV around Silverburn Park have been moved forward, following a recent spell of vandalism.

A tree on the main drive leading into the park was set alight last week, with firefighters coming out to deal with the incident.

In response to the recent increase in vandalism, patrols by police and council wardens have been increased.

Plans to install CCTV had been delayed due to grenades being found in the allotment area, however, FEAT says progress is being made.

The organisation, which runs the park, also received another blow recently, when its application for funding to develop the old flax mill was rejected.

Duncan Mitchell from FEAT, added: “However, we are being encouraged to re-apply early in 2019 and the feedback from Heritage Lottery National Board about our proposal was all very positive. It’s not the outcome we wanted, but is the next best result and having a few more months to develop our proposal in line their feedback should actually mean we are presenting the strongest possible case for support next time around. Fife Council remain supportive of the plans and we are in regular contact with other funders and have applications pending that can strengthen our re-submission.”