Police in Fife spread ‘if in doubt, keep them out’ message for cold caller awareness week

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Police in Fife spoke to around 2000 people last week as part of an operation to highlight cold callers and rogue traders.

Officers in Fife joined together with colleagues in local Trading Standards to pass on information to the public about doorstep crime and scams, as well as give other general security advice.

Stands were set up in various locations including shopping centres, civic offices and banks.

Officers also visited homes and travelled on Stagecoach buses throughout Fife to spread the word.

Sergeant Chris Mutter, Fife Division’s Community Partnerships Sergeant, said: “We were very pleased to support Operation Rogue Trader in Fife.

“People should feel safe in their own homes, and those who deliberately target vulnerable people on their doorstep will always be firmly dealt with.

“Awareness raising is key with communities across Fife - it’s often neighbours, friends or relatives who spot a bogus caller or rogue trader and so we spoke with many hundreds of people to spread the word about what to look out for and simple steps to take if you are cold called.

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“Ultimately, the message is ‘if in doubt, keep them out’ - a legitimate trader will be happy to come back at a more convenient time, and have their details checked with information available in the phone book or online.

“A legitimate trader should not need cash up front and should not pressure you into paying this - they may be a member of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme, the local Authority Assured Trader Schemes or the Government Trust Mark scheme.

“If you are concerned about a caller at your door or someone else’s, please dial 101 or 999 if a crime is in progress.

“We continue to work closely with our partners and our communities to make Fife a no-go area for cold callers and rogue traders.”

Dawn Adamson, Fife Trading Standards Service Manager said: “Trading Standards advice is never to do business on your doorstep; if you need the services of a trader in Fife, employ a genuine member of our Trusted Trader scheme by visiting www.fifedirect.org.uk/trustedtrader or call 01592 582710. This is the only scheme with members vetted by Fife Trading Standards.

“Our members cover various trades including the home improvement sector and as a condition of membership will not cold call.

“You can also check feedback from their previous customers online before selecting the trader you need.”