Police launch antisocial behaviour campaign for Levenmouth

Police say the move had had success in the past.Police say the move had had success in the past.
Police say the move had had success in the past.
Police are launching a campaign to tackle antisocial behaviour in a Fife area after finding success in similar operations in the last year.

During April 2019, Improving Levenmouth Together was launched to address a range of issues taking place in the region and resulted in positive enforcement activity and a fall in the number of antisocial behaviour incidents being reported.

The initiative was launched again between April and October 2020. Despite the challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, the dedicated policing team achieved significant results and ensured a further reduction in antisocial behaviour calls.

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In addition, Improving Levenmouth Together resulted in an increase in arrests and vehicle seizures. In total, 306 people were charged with antisocial behaviour and road traffic offences, while 20 antisocial behaviour warnings issued. Officers also seized 36 vehicles during this time.

Within Levenmouth, the antisocial use of motorcycles has been an ongoing concern for local residents for some time. In 2018, there were 891 calls for offences of this nature. Following the launch of this campaign, this reduced to 354 calls in 2019 and 217 calls in 2020. This is an overall reduction of 76%.

There has also been a 44% reduction in the number of fire-raising incidents occurring in the region While 157 calls were made to police in 2018, this fell to 89 in 2020.

It has now been confirmed that Improving Levenmouth Together will return this year and will once again run from April to October after the Fife Council Levenmouth Local Area Committee supported funding the initiative.

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Two dedicated police officers, funded by Fife Council and Police Scotland, will work solely on preventing and dealing with anti-social behaviour in Levenmouth.

Police Scotland will work closely with a number of key agencies throughout the project to target activity including the illegal use of motorcycles, alcohol-related disorder and fire-raising.

In addition, a number of youth crime prevention and diversionary projects in the area are being planned in partnership to provide young people in Levenmouth with further opportunities to thrive.

Inspector, Paul Gillespie, said: “The Improving Levenmouth Together programme is an innovative approach to countering antisocial behaviour in Levenmouth.

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“The tireless work of Police Scotland officers and the thriving relationships with our local partners, has ensured the success of the project.

“I am excited to work with our partners towards creating opportunities for young people in Levenmouth, to ensure they are provided with opportunities to thrive, and help prevent them from becoming involved in any form of criminality.

“The reduction in reports of antisocial behaviour in Levenmouth, compared to April 2019 has been outstanding and indicative of the hard work of everyone involved.

“A dedicated team, under the management of Community Sergeant Craig Fyall, continue to develop intelligence on local concerns and our thanks go to all residents and partners who continue to assist us with this.”

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“Enforcement activity has been conducted resulting in arrests and the seizure of vehicles used to commit antisocial behaviour offences. Appropriate steps have also been taken to remove illegal cars and bikes from the streets.

“The partnership approach to this initiative highlights the collective dedication to help improve matters for those living and visiting the area.

"Antisocial behaviour is not always a crime but incidents of violence, suspected drug dealing, and hate crime should always be reported to the Police.”