Police launch local area plan

Local inspector John Docherty.
Local inspector John Docherty.

Police in north east Fife have set their objectives for the coming year.

Following a period of consultation with local individuals and organisations, the force in north east Fife have created their area plan for 2017-18.

The consultation was used to identify what was important to locals and what they thought police should be focusing on.

The targets are to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the area’s roads, to prevent and reduce instances of crimes of dishonesty, and to prevent and reduce instances of antisocial behaviour and drug abuse.

In the plan, local community inspector John Docherty says: “Our focus remains on localism, tailoring our policing engagement to your needs to allow us to understand, and respond properly to the issues that matter to you.

“I am confident that this embedded approach will continue to be successful in tackling the identified objectives.

“Whilst our focus will remain on prevention, intervention and enforcement activities, we acknowledge this can only be achieved through the continued support from within our communities, our elected members and our internal and external partners.”

Discussing road safety and road crime, the plan says that driver behaviour “continues to be the community safety issue of the highest concern with north east Fife”.

It says that to work on this police will do such things as continuing to highlight the risks involved when using rural roads and continuing to work with the University of St Andrews to promote the safe and responsible use of pedal cycles within the town.

The area plan also discusses what police will be doing to tackle the problem of antisocial behaviour.

It says that antisocial behaviour is often linked to alcohol consumption, and that it will continue to gather information on problem areas.

It also states that police will be working with its partners to educate youths in the area about the risks of alcohol and substance misuse.