Police reveal latest crime figures for Fife

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Crime in Fife has fallen in the second quarter of 2019 –the exception of fraud.

The latest figures released by Police Scotland show decreases across the board – from assaults and robberies to sexual offences.

The only rise came in fraud which included hi-tech phishing and vishing scams as well as ‘romance fraud’ perpetrated by con artists who fake romantic intentions towards a victim, and then using that goodwill to commit a crime.

The stats for April-September 2019 show that 274 less offences took place within the Kingdom. That’s equal to a 3.7 per cent drop, with acquisitive crime, violence, sexual offences and antisocial behaviour all falling.

Sexual offences fell by almost 4 per cent this year and officers are keen to stress that members of the public who have been victim of such crimes should contact police, either directly, or via the third party reporting system, so these reports can be dealt with sensitively and professionally.

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Operation Path led to an 18 per cent drop in serious assaults, with 234 fewer incidents than in 2018. while minor assaults were also down 16.5 per cent – meaning 380 fewer victims this year.

Detection levels for serious and minor assaults currently sit at 93.6 per cent and 102.6 per cent respectively.

Domestic break-ins fell from 152 to 126, there were seven fewer robbery reports in this quarter. The detection remains high at 96%.

Motor vehicle crime, thefts and reports of shoplifting were also all down.

But fraud offences, which included phishing, vishing and romance fraud have risen by over 34 per cent from 269 last year, to 361.

Overall, dishonesty offences dropped from 3378 to 3276, reports of anti-social behaviour went down from 14,302 to 13, 234, and incidents of vandalism fell by 12%, or 177 fewer crimes.

There was a significant 25 per cent drop in the number of fire-raising incidents –down from 82 to 61 calls.

Serious and fatal road collisions in Fife doubled from five, to 10 and serious collisions were up from 38 to 43.

Chief Superintendent Derek McEwan, Divisional Commander for Fife said: “It is extremely encouraging to see wholesale reductions in various crimes across the Kingdom and I want to take this opportunity to thank my officers and staff for the outstanding work they do on a daily basis, alongside our relevant partners.

“Where we have seen successes in the second quarter, we cannot and will not become complacent and, as the figures for fraud and road collisions suggest, we have must work with other agencies to reduce these figures as part of Operation Principle and Operation Paramount respectively.

“The public have a vital role to play in our efforts to reduce crime by taking appropriate prevention steps, both in relation to their personal safety and the security of their homes, businesses and vehicles.”