Police taking action on antisocial biking in Levenmouth

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Police in Levenmouth have reassured residents that action is being taken to combat the recent rise in the illegal use of motorbikes and quad bikes.

There has been a rise in reported incidents of antisocial behaviour caused by the biking, which police put down to the prolonged period of good weather.

Poplar Road in Methil, Kennoway, and the stretch of beach between Leven and Lower Largo have been identified as hotspots, and since January, 13 bikes have been seized and 11 people charged.

Plain clothed and uniformed officers have also been deployed at the hotspots, as part of Operation Reflector.

The operation is a designated action plan aimed at tackling the issue of antisocial biking in Levenmouth.

Part of this is gathering information on who is committing the crimes. However, this is a challenge because of the use of helmets.

“We get asked why we don’t chase them,” said Inspector Tom Brown. “That boils down to public safety.

“If we were to engage in some form of pursuit on rough terrain, the outcome could be fatal. A member of the public could be seriously hurt or killed.”

Inspector Brown said the majority of motorbike users would be under 16 and driving without insurance, adding: “Their actions and the manner of their driving could end up in a fatality of a child or member of the public. They need to stop this.”

However, he said most people using the quad bikes would be those who have purchased them with their disposable income.

“I want the public to have confidence in us and continue to contact 101 to make us aware,” Inspector Brown added. “We may not contact you right away, but we will contact you in due course.

“I want to thank the public for being so tolerant with their attitude towards us, because they appreciate how difficult it is to deal with.”

Inspector Brown also issued a warning, saying: “Parents who allow their children to engage in that type of activity could be subject to a social work notification and end up going on the vulnerable persons database.

“By allowing them to drive bikes illegally, they are exposing themselves to vulnerable risk and threat.”