Police welcome drop in crime in Fife

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Crime is down in Fife according to the latest figures released by Police Scotland.

There were reductions in the number of robberies, crimes of dishonesty, housebreakings, car crime and shoplifting.

But there was a slight rise in the number of sexual offences, fire-raising and vandalism.

The figures related to April-December last year and showed:

Robberies down 26%

Crimes of dishonesty overall down by 398 offences

A 12% drop in all housebreakings

A 21% fall in vehicle crime

A 9% reduction in shoplifting.

Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Colin Gall, said: ‘‘“It is extremely pleasing that this downward crime trend is continuing.

‘‘“The significant drop in crimes of dishonesty is encouraging. The personal impact of these types of crimes is not underestimated by us, both on a financial and emotional level.

‘‘Despite these successes, I would continue to ask all people across Fife to remain vigilant to such crimes and take preventative action by ensuring they continue to secure personal belongings, properties and vehicles.’’

The senior officer also welcomed the fall in robberies and assaults, adding: ‘‘We have focused on violence in all communities across Fife, undertaking in-depth analysis to ensure our resources are effectively deployed. Our tactics also include the targeting of known repeat offenders and supporting victims of crime.’’

On the downside, police revealed a slight rise in the number of sexual offences.

But Chief Superintendent Gall said: ‘‘This is always to be encouraged as we want all victims to have the courage and confidence to come forward and report what has happened.

‘‘There is no time restriction on reporting sexual abuse, and we have been pro-actively pursuing investigations of an historic nature. Regardless of when the offences occurred, we will do everything in our power to both bring those responsible to justice and give victims the support they need through close partnership with Rape Crisis, Woman’s Aid and all our agencies.’’

On the rise in vandalism and fire-raising, he said they the Fife force continued to look at innovative approaches to tackle anti-social behaviour, with a focus on prevention and engagement.

He also said the force would continue to be pro-active when it came to road safety.

‘‘All year round we pay particular attention to driver behaviours like speeding and use of mobile phones behind the wheel, which will see increased penalties coming in next week,’’ he said. ‘‘There is no excuse for flouting these laws that are there for the safety of all road users and we will continue to pro-actively target them.