Serial shoplifter avoids jail sentence

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A serial shoplifter, who struck twice at the same store, has avoided a jail sentence.

The Kirkcaldy thief admitted she took a foil-lined bag to Debenhams, Dunfermline, and helped herself to cosmetics worth more than £500.

Alison McKenzie-Ross (51), of St Mary’s Place, Kirkcaldy, then returned to the same shop and stole again.

The initial thieving trip to Dunfermline proved unsuccessful when she was caught with the goods in the store.

That incident resulted in an appearance at Dunfermline Sheriff Court for McKenzie-Ross.

She admitted that on September 30 she stole a quantity of cosmetics worth £556.

When cautioned and charged, McKenzie-Ross said: “I’m a kleptomaniac. I was advised a couple of years ago to take a foil bag with me.”

Sentencing had been deferred to find out if she was fit enough to carry out unpaid work.

When she returned, the court was told McKenzie-Ross had been caught stealing again.

She admitted that on May 24 she stole a quantity of perfume from Debenhams.

Sarah Meehan, defence solicitor, previously said: “The catalyst is her drug addiction. She has struggled with it for a number of years and relapsed back into heroin misuse at this time.”

Sentence had then been deferred again to see if she was suitable for a drug treatment and testing order but the court heard she was not.

Ms Meehan said: “She accepts these are serious offences and that she has a lengthy schedule. She’s anxious at the prospect of a custodial sentence.”

Sheriff Derek Reekie today (Friday, July 21) imposed a community payback order with 18 months’ supervision.