Thief brings trolley for food raid  on Kirkcaldy pub

Elbow Room, KirkcaldyElbow Room, Kirkcaldy
Elbow Room, Kirkcaldy | Other 3rd Party
Owners alert community

The raid happened at an out building at the Elbow Room in Rossyln Street, Kirkcaldy, late on Friday night.

The owners posted alert on social media in case anyone was offered cut price food.

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The Elbow Room - one of the town’s longest established pubs - said a man raided the building and stole frozen uncooked turkeys and stew, chocolate fudge cake, caramel apple pies and pizzas, and made off with them in a trolley which be brought with him.

The raid happened around 11.00pm on Friday evening.

According to a post from the bar on Facebook he was possibly in his 30s, had a navy zipped hooded jacket and black Adidas tracksuit bottoms.

It added: “He He even brought his own trolley - yes, he brought his own trolley and brick.

“He emerged from the food store with one of our Santa hats - obviously trying to get into the Xmas spirit for cooking his turkey.”

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The pub appealed to anyone in the Gallatown area who can help identify him to get in touch. A number of people commenting on the post have asked if local businesses CCTV could help.

The bar added: “We just want to make people aware that there are people out there snooping around when we are all tucked up safe inside.

“ I would rather have given away the food than some twat steal it and profit from it.”