Vandalism in Rabbit Braes, Kirkcaldy

The badgers' carving has been vandalised in Rabbit Braes.
The badgers' carving has been vandalised in Rabbit Braes.

Police in Fife are investigating a report of vandalism to a sculpture in Kirkcaldy’s Rabbit Braes.

The incident, which involved the badger carving being damaged, is understood to have happened sometime between noon on Friday, February 9 and 7pm on Wednesday, February 14.

Lorraine Wilkinson, chairman of the Rabbit Braes Development Group, said the vandalism is very disappointing for everyone who is trying to make improvements to the area.

She said: “The badger sculpture is my favourite one and two of the faces have disappeared. The sculpture is near a path that is very well used by a lot of people. I didn’t know about it until someone came and told me about it on Wednesday night last week and I then notified the police.

“The sculptures were put in a few years ago. We got money from Kirkcaldy Kanes for the project. To have the sculptures made and installed it cost around £6000. The sculptures were designed by local schoolchildren.”

She added: “It is very annoying and it just makes you wonder why are we bothering? For someone to vandalise these sculptures is a big kick in the teeth for us.” Anyone with information should contact police via 101 quoting incident number 1336 of February 15.