Victim fears losing £400,000 compensation after abuser declares himself bankrupt

David Glass (59) was jailed for abusing three boys over a 10-year period.
David Glass (59) was jailed for abusing three boys over a 10-year period.

The victim of a paedophile faces losing £400,000 in compensation after his abuser made himself bankrupt.

David Glass was jailed in January for five years after being found guilty of sexual abuse crimes.

Following the raising of a compensation claim, the court ordered the abuser, from Anstruther, to hand over money to his victim.

But earlier this month it emerged Glass – a wealthy businessman – sold off properties before declaring himself bankrupt.

Liquidators are now seizing available assets but it is unclear who is to be paid and how much they will get.

The devastated survivor now fears being left “out in the cold” and called for legal loopholes to be closed so abusers can’t dodge paying their victims.

He said: “After everything that’s happened it just feels like Glass has found a new way to abuse me.

“It makes me sick imagining he’s grinning away in his cell thinking he’s dodged the compensation while, God forbid, still has cash waiting for him on his release.

“It makes me wonder how many other victims have suffered the same blow.”

Glass was jailed at Dundee Sheriff Court in January this year and placed on the sex offender’s register for life.

He befriended the parents of his victims and abused their trust so he could spend time alone with their children.

Over the course of almost two years he then subjected two of his victims to repeated sex abuse at his caravan.

The sickening attacks only stopped when one of the boys died in the spring of 1989.

Glass was ordered to pay £150,000 in damages with eight per cent interest back dated to 1986 when the crimes were first committed – working out as a final sum of £393,000.

Just months later in April it emerged he filed for bankruptcy claiming he had debts totalling £600,000.

His victim added: “Everyone in the area knows how rich he was – even before he sold his assets.

“So what happened to that money?

“If the courts have the power to order compensation then don’t they have the power to freeze assets to ensure victims get the compensation that has been ordered?

“Is it not the first thing that paedophiles are going to do to avoid paying their victims’ compensation claims?

“Those in charge need to tighten the rules so survivors aren’t left out in the cold.”

The victim is currently pursuing a civil claim in a bid to retrieve damages from Glass.

Kim Leslie, specialist abuse lawyer and partner at Digby Brown Solicitors, said: “Our client has suffered horrendously at the hands of David Glass and was forced to endure decades of emotional torment that followed.

“We are now pursuing a civil claim but it would be inappropriate to comment further.”