Warning issued after Fife trespass incidents

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British Transport Police have issued a warning after a number of incidents of trespassing at a Fife rail yard.

They took place at Thornton rail yard near Strathore Road, which is still in operational use and is close to the mainline tracks.

Police have received numerous reports in recent weeks of individuals, including children, trespassing into the yard which contains a number of dangerous hazards which could result in serious injury.

On May 15 this year unused wagons at the rail yard were set alight deliberately and on six separate occasions since then, officers have received reports of individuals trespassing.

Fencing has now been installed to help prevent further incidents from occurring.

Sergeant Derek Elder from British Transport Police is urging people to stay away from the yard for their own safety.

He said: “When left alone, as it should be, the railway yard poses no harm to the public.

“However, in recent weeks and months a number of incidents have occurred where individuals have trespassed into the site.

“Our fear is that a child may head into the yard for a bit of fun. With trains moving about within the yard, and a number of trip hazards, this could end in disaster.

“Please, stay out and stay safe.”

Sgt Elder added that a number of unpredictable patrols are now in the area to help prevent and deter troublemakers from entering the facility.

Anyone who spots someone trespassing in the facility are asked to get in touch by sending a text to 61016 or call 0800 40 50 40.