Warning over bogus notes

Police are warning businesses about counterfeit notes.
Police are warning businesses about counterfeit notes.

Fife businesses are being warned to be vigilant about bogus £50 notes after two counterfeit notes were used in St Andrews and Cupar.

Police in Fife issued the warning following the incidents, which both took place on April 6.

The first incident occured at Tesco, Market Street, St Andrews, when a teenage boy, believed to be around 13 or 14, used one of the counterfeit notes.

A detector pen tested the note but did not identify it as bogus.

The boy is described as having brown hair in a buzz cut style, with gaps in his teeth, 5ft tall and wearing a grey hooded top.

The second incident happened at Lloyds Chemist, Crossgate, Cupar, when another counterfeit note was passed off as genuine.

It was thought it was used either by the same person or by another member of the same gang.

Sergeant Paul Gillespie said: “Shops and businesses should make sure staff check all notes thoroughly when taking payment.

“They should also be aware when the customer tries to pay for a small value item with a high denomination note. “This is a well-known trick used by criminals.

“Anyone who comes across a suspect note is advised in the first instance to report this to police.”

Police Scotland can be contacted on 101 or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.