Woman given payback order for abducting son’s ex

Police Scotland is appealing for information
Police Scotland is appealing for information

A mother who abducted her son’s ex-girlfriend after smashing her way into the terrified woman’s house has been handed a community payback order.

Roseann Browne (41), of Cupar, and Stacey Duff (30), of Kirkcaldy, went to Rhea Foreman’s Dundee home hunting for Browne’s son, Jason.

Ms Foreman called 999 as the pair booted the door in before Duff – a single mother-of-five – entered, took the mobile from her and tried to smash it to pieces.

They frogmarched her from the flat barefoot and wearing only jeans, a bra and a nightgown and bundled her into a car but before they could drive off police descended and stopped them.

The pair pleaded guilty on indictent to a charge of hamesucken, abduction and assault to injury committed on July 29 this year.

Defence solicitor Gordon Stewart, for Browne, told Dundee Sheriff Court: “This incident was brought about by her desire to try and trace her son.

“He had been in a bit of difficulty. Drink fuelled the situation.”

Dewar Spence, representing Duff, said: “The only link between her and this matter was she recently became friendly with the other accused and there was discussion about her friend’s son and she was dragged into it.”

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael imposed a curfew on the pair and community payback order with two years’ supervision on both women, with Browne to carry out 210 hours unpaid work and Duff 190 hours.