Cupar campaigner steps down from health post

Pete Cura has stepped down from his health role.
Pete Cura has stepped down from his health role.

A Cupar man who played a big part in establishing a community cafe at Adamson Hospital and mounted a robust campaign to save Stratheden Hospital from possible closure, has retired as health spokesman on Cupar Community Council.

Pete Cura is continuing as a community councillor but has decided after 13 years that the health role should be taken on by another member.

An active figure in the town, Pete said this week that when he first became joint health spokesperson (with Margaret Kennedy - now a Fife councillor), the future of health care in the area “was in turmoil.”

He explained: “Stratheden Hospital was almost certain to close with many of the nurses losing their jobs and elderly patients having to be moved.

“The antiquated Adamson Hospital and health service was deteriorating and losing clinics.”

Pete has received great support over the years from many individuals and officials in the health service, including Cathy Adamson, Vicky Irons and Aileen White.

Councillor Kennedy said this week that she became aware very quickly that Pete was a passionate campaigner for local health provision.

“Through his period in the role, he has ensured that Cupar Community Council was at the centre of discussions around various reconfigurations in how health was delivered in Fife and, most importantly, participating in the refurbishment project for the Adamson Hospital.

“The townspeople have benefited from Peter’s drive and enthusiasm with the extension to the cafe at the hospital, which I am sure would never have been achieved without his tenacity for the idea.”

The community council’s new health spokesperson is Christina Cooper, who is fully supported by Pete.