Laing family
Laing family

DRAMA unfolded in a quiet Cupar street on Sunday morning when a dad delivered his own baby with just 30 seconds warning!

Claire Laing, of St Michaels Drive, was already a few days overdue with her second child when she felt twinges but they were so irregular midwives told her she still had days to go before the baby would arrive.

On Saturday, she began having more contractions and visited Ninewells Hospital in Dundee only to be told to go home and rest.


However at 7.30am on Sunday morning Claire got up to use the loo and instantly felt intense labour pains.

She called to husband Derek for help and he immediately phoned the hospital to say he was bringing her in.

However, Claire then called to him again saying her contractions were just 30 seconds apart and that she felt the baby’s head coming out.

Derek (38) called 999, but in the four short minutes it took for the ambulance to arrive, he had delivered baby Rose safe and well, weighing in at a healthy six pounds 11 ounces.

“It was all a bit of a blur really,” said Claire (31).


“I was in labour with our son Murray (21 months) for 20 hours, so this was a real shock.

“It was good in a way for me that it happened so fast, but maybe not so for Derek!”

Derek said he was delighted to have brought his daughter into the world, but says would be quite happy never to repeat the experience!

“I just did as Claire asked and delivered the baby, gave her a bit of a clean and wrapped her in a towel,”he said.

“I had seen the midwives do that when Murray was born.

“Rose cried within seconds and we were just really relieved she was ok.

“I had just given her back to Claire when the ambulance crew, Paul and Ross, arrived and they took them to Ninewells for checks to be done while I followed in the car.”

Derek, who works locally, said he had tried to remain calm throughout the experience but now thinking back realises he must have been panicking a bit.

“It would probably be quite funny to hear the conversation I had with the 999 operator while Claire was giving birth,” he said.

“I was probably in more of a panic than I thought.

“I’ve never delivered a baby before and I don’t intend to again!”

Claire, who works in the finance department at Elmwood College, said she had intended to have a water birth at Ninewells’ new maternity suite, but said that Rose’s actual delivery was far more memorable.

“We have said Rose’s time of birth was 7.45am but we can’t be exact, and we’re just delighted to have a beautiful, healthy baby.”