Cupar family torn apart by war in plea to UK Government

From left, Ayisha, Louise and Mariam, haven't seen Abdul in three years.
From left, Ayisha, Louise and Mariam, haven't seen Abdul in three years.

A Cupar woman is asking the UK Government to help reunite her family.

Louise Alakil (51) and daughters Mariam (14) and Ayisha (12) fled Yemen in 2015, following the break out of war.

Louise’s husband Abdul Wahab Alikil (55) remained in Yemen, but has been denied a visit visa three times.

It means the family, who remain in contact through social media, have not seen each other in years, and Louise fears they may not do until the war finishes.

“It has affected my daughters a great deal,” Louise said.

“They’ve not seen him in two years. They’re so close to him. It’s not fair on my daughters.

“We’re just asking for him to be able to come and see us.”

Louise claims the visa applications have been turned down because Abdul has not been able to prove he has enough money to stay in the UK.

But she said she would not take her daughters back to Yemen until the war ended.

“When the war broke out we were living in Yemen,” Louise said. “The bombing campaign started with warning.

“At 2am we woke up with the house shaking. It was terrifying.

“It just went on. I had to get out. My family in Scotland were worried for me.

“I had to get my daughters out of the country.

“And no parent brings their children back to a war-torn country.”

North East Fife MP Stephen Gethins, who is representing the family, said: “The situation in Yemen is appalling.

“The ongoing civil war had cost thousands of lives and resulted in a man-made humanitarian disaster that should shame us all.

“The fact that the UK continues to sell arms to one of the combatants is bad enough.

“However, refusing to let this family be reunited and bring a father home to see his daughters needs to be reassessed as a matter of urgency.

“I will continue to work on behalf of my constituents who have been so badly affected by this war.”

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Applicants for visit visas must be able to demonstrate how they will support themselves during their visit to the UK and that they meet the requirements of immigration rules.

“Where there is insufficient evidence provided, applications will be refused.”