Cupar Gala cancelled after run away inflatable slide causes multiple casulaties

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Cupar children’s gala was cancelled this afternoon after an inflatable slide took off following a gust of wind, causing multiple casualties.

It is though two adults were being treated for suspected neck injuries and a six year old girl, who sustained a head injury, was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Emergency services were present in the park and attended immediately. Just seconds before the inflatable took off there had been up to six children on it.

Fife Herald reporter Lindsey Alexander was at the bottom of the inflatable with her children when it took off.

She said: “It all happened very quickly; a gust of wind suddenly lifted it and the man taking the money was blown into my son and landed on top of him. My daughter and her friend were also knocked over and there was nothing we could do as the inflatable was lifted up and went off across the park knocking everyone in its way.

“It eventually came to rest when it struck a large tree near the barbecue tent, breaking a branch off the tree. It was horrific to watch and I just hope everyone is ok.”

Police officers in the scene said someone from the health and safety executive were on their way.

A statement posted on Cupar Gala’s facebook page said : “On behalf of the Cupar Children’s gala committee, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped and supported the community this afternoon.

“Every safety precaution was risk assessed and fulfilled by the committee and service providers prior to the gala commencing and during the event.

“Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions, out with our control, an emergency situation did occur.

“The incident is currently being investigated and any findings will be announced once available.

“Once again the community have come together, for which the Gala committee is truly grateful.”