Cupar ground complains to Fife Council over plan for ‘unsafe’ new roundabout

The site for the retail park.
The site for the retail park.

A Cupar group has issued a formal complaint to Fife Council over plans for a ‘unsafe’ mini roundabout in the town.

The roundabout would be at the entrance to the new retail park on the former Reekie’s garage on South Road, which was given the green light late last year.

But Sustainable Cupar claims that the mini roundabout planned for the site is ‘unsafe’ and ‘substandard’, and has issued a complaint to Fife Council arguing that the plan does not meet the condition the council attached to the approval of the site.

One of the conditions stated that the roundabout should meet particular standards – but the group believes these standards have not been met.

It has raised concerns about the safety of cyclists and pedestrians, adding: “The current design prioritises motor vehicles above the lives of school children.”

The group is calling on Fife Council to ask the developer comply with the condition by amending the plan, such as adding a speed table or other speed reduction methods.

The letter to the council concludes: “We look forward to a positive response on this matter which is in our view crucial to the safety and health of our community especially on a stretch of road that forms a route to school and a designated Fife cycle route.”

The complaint has now been elevated to a stage two complaint, which means it will be investigated and a full response provided within 20 days.

Fife Council confirmed it is currently working with the developer to include improved pedestrian and cyclist provision at the proposed roundabout.

A council spokesperson said: “The council’s Traffic Management, and Sustainable Traffic and Travel teams are also collaborating with Sustainable Cupar to improve cycling facilities within the town.

“One of the routes being considered runs past this development site.

“Positive discussions are ongoing with the developer to incorporate this route in the design of the development.”

Douglas Carswell, development manager at London & Scottish Developments, said: “Fife Council Roads officials have approved the access arrangements for both schemes.

“It is our hope that we will be pushing ahead to commence construction shortly which in turn will see a new lease of life to the cleared site.”

Councillors in north east Fife approved plans for the South Road site in December 2018.