Cupar playpark equipment removed prematurely

Bryan Poole
Bryan Poole

FIFE Council has expressed ‘regret’ after a mix-up led to a Cupar playpark being dismantled.

The Laundry Common play area behind South Road and Riggs Place was prematurely removed by contractors before a public consultation could be carried out.

Alan Bisset, the council’s parks development officer, said: “Due to the play area’s poor condition and location, we agreed that parks and countryside would carry out a consultation to seek the views of adjacent residents on its removal.

“Regrettably the play equipment was removed by the contractor, although we did instruct the contractor to retain the Laundry Common play area until we had carried out the consultation.

“However, this instruction was not carried out.

“We will now make it a priority to carry out a consultation to seek the views of local residents.”

Cupar councillor Bryan Poole called on the council to offer something to the community by way of compensation for the loss of the play area.

He said: “It does look like this was a well intentioned approach gone horribly wrong.

“From a personal perspective the demise of this particular play park has been sad to witness.

“Living in the area I remember taking my own children down there regularly and there were nearly always other children there with there parents — it was a kind of local meeting place where children played and parents chatted!”

He added: “Perhaps though something else could come out of this by way of compensation.

“I noticed an article in the Fife Herald about Sustainable Cupar’s aspiration to connect South Road with the other side of the River Eden so people can walk into town and over to Bell Baxter avoiding busy roads.

“I’m going to write to the parks people to request that they work with Sustainable Cupar to help them with their plans — that’s the least they could do by way of compensation for the removal of the play equipment, albeit it was past its sell by date.”