Cupar residents favour speed limit reduction in ‘humbug poll’

A road speed reduction throughout Cupar topped an environment group’s annual ‘Humbug Poll’.

Friday, 6th December 2019, 9:17 am

The result of Sustainable Cupar’s poll showed that out of three proposals the group put forward, local residents most want to see a speed reduction for traffic throughout the town.

There were 89 votes for 20mph town limit, 77 for a free town bus, and 29 for continuing free charging for electric cars.

Sustainable Cupar Chair, Gordon Pay, said: “Each year, at the Christmas fair and light switch-on in Cupar, we ask the public what new ideas we should pursue.

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“Based on previous years we have been taking forward new cycle routes, campaigning for district heating and restoring the Moor Road to Ceres.”

Three jars were each filled with 100 humbugs, with a jar for each proposal.

This year the three proposals were illustrated with drawings by three Castlehill Primary pupils.

Visitors to the Sustainable Cupar stall cast their vote by removing a humbug from their preferred option.

Mr Pay said it “makes sense” to extend the speed limit restrictions across the town and that the results would be used as a steer when Sustainable Cupar chooses its next campaign in the future.

He added: “This would help cut air pollution, improve safety and encourage more cycling and walking.

“Allowing people to get out of their cars makes for more on street chance meetings, and allows for a happier healthier town.”