Cupar’s festive prankster digs up Charlie ‘Gimmick’

Fans of gardening's golden girl are likely to be disappointed
Fans of gardening's golden girl are likely to be disappointed

First it was Chesney ‘Hoax’; then came ‘Prank’ Bruno, ‘Trick’ Astley and Jean Claude ‘van Scam’ ...

And once again this year Cuparians can look forward to yet another ‘celebrity’ heading to town to switch on the Christmas lights.

Yes, everyone’s favourite festive prankster is at it again.

Posters have started appearing throughout the town to spread the news that gardening guru Charlie Dimmock is to perform the big switch-on ceremony on November 29.

The voluptuous redhead, who found fame on BBC’s ‘Ground Force’, is allegedly swapping her gardening gloves for a festive frock for the occasion - and is said to be highly impressed by the ‘Men of Cupar’ calendar in which various local businessmen have bared all in aid of Cupar’s Christmas lights fund.

The seasonal scam has become a much-anticipated part of Cupar’s Christmas celebrations and speculation has been mounting as to the identity of this year’s ‘guest celebrity’.

This is the fifth year that the hoaxer has struck, and though few people are fooled these days, his or her identity remains a mystery.

As in previous years, we did contact Ms Dimmock’s ‘people’ to request a response or even a goodwill message to pass on, but none was forthcoming.

In 2009, ‘Prank’ Bruno didn’t see the funny side, while in 2010 ‘Trick’ Astley let us down despite saying he was never gonna. In fact, Chesney ‘Hoax’ was the one and only to respond ...