Cupar Scouts group appeals for adult volunteers

Help the next generation of young Fifers ‘be prepared’ and sign up to join Cupar Scouts leadership team.

The group is appealing for adults in the area, who do not need to have any particular skills, just the willingness to give up some of their time, to take part in a new adventure.

Cupar Scout group leader Donald Jenks said the aim is to give the youngsters the skills they need for their future.

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Scouts are a movement, we are trying to help young people find their place in the world by developing skills they can use throughout their lives whether that be practical skills such as first aid, cooking or navigating or social skills such a communicating, empathizing or growing confidence and self reliance,” he added.

Donald said it was “rewarding” to see six-year-old Beaver Scouts grow into 18-year-old Explorer Scouts, developing their skills and challenging themselves.

Catriona, a Cub Scout leader for five years, said: “I love seeing the excitement, joy and sheer pride on their faces when they push themselves and achieve something they didn’t think they were able to do.”

Parents of young people in the group, as well as the Scouts themselves, are also enthusiastic about the work the club does.

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However, this can only continue with the help of adult volunteers.

If you would be interested in joining the Cupar Scouts leadership team, send an email to [email protected] or call Donald for an informal chat on 07515 259802.

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