Cupar sewers tonnes lighter

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Sewers in Cupar will now be 20 tonnes lighter of fats, oil and grease (FOG) as a result of a Scottish Water initiative.

The organisation visited 24 food service establishments in the town, educating owners and staff on sewer misuse and the potential consequences.

A dozen premises then had grease traps installed at a cost of around £30,000, which will now trap FOG at the source.

Last year Councillor Margaret Kennedy became aware of a similar project in St Andrews. She asked to meet with officers from Scottish Water to secure the inclusion of Cupar within this project.

“I am delighted that Cupar was included in this project which has resulted in a very positive position indeed,” said Cllr Kennedy.

“All food establishments were visited resulting in an understanding that there were half of their number which required to install a grease trap or update existing traps. All these business are now compliant.

“It is great to know that the businesses involved recognised the importance of the impact they could have on the local sewage system and the environment. It is to their credit that they have invested in its future.

“I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the businesses concerned and for Scottish Water in being willing to include Cupar.”

Mike Will, waste water operations general manager at Scottish Water, said: “As a result of our time in Cupar the sewers will be 20 tonnes lighter of FOG every year. There was no secret to this projects success – it was only possible with the incredible support from the businesses we visited.

“Collectively, they spent around £30,000 fitting new or bigger grease trapping equipment. That highlights just how much they care for their community. Scottish Water also carried out a substantial sewer clean as part of this project.

“We are hopeful this project will make for a much healthier and slimmer sewer network and a significant reduction in the number blockages. This is great news for the environment.”