Cupar site must not become wasteland

Litter strewn near the skips. (Photo: Dave Scott)
Litter strewn near the skips. (Photo: Dave Scott)

A lengthy battle to tidy up a Cupar ‘no man’s land’ is now underway after its owners vowed to work with Fife Council to find a solution.

For years the area behind the Co-op store in Bonnygate has been a popular spot for fly-tippers to dump rubbish.

The car park area, which borders homes in North Union Street as well as two business units in Moathill, also provides storage for three large containers used by a Cupar charity and a carpet business.

However, while they use these responsibly, some members of the public have been dumping waste - everything from high chairs to bin bags full of food and nappies - around them causing the area to look unsightly.

As well as bags being ripped open by gulls, litter is also spread across the area by wind, causing distress to neighbours.

One North Union Street resident, Cathy Bache, said she’s fed up picking up litter and mess from the area which borders her garden and said the issue needs to be tackled properly.

“It would be really nice if the Council could plant wildflowers along the verge as they have done elsewhere, just to make at least some of the area look a bit more pleasant.

“Perhaps the Co-op could also look at supporting improvements to enhance this area for the benefit of the whole community?”

This week, after enquries were made by the Herald, a spokesman for The Co-operative Food confirmed it would be working with Fife Council to see what can be done.

He said: “We are continuing to explore options and solutions for how we can improve conditions at the site.”

Last month this newspaperreported concerns expressed by the owners of Wee Kingdom and Upholstery and Sewing Services who were having to clean up other people’s mess as it was unsightly for customers.

On some occasions the business owners had caught fly-tippers red-handed.

However, while they praised Fife Council staff for their dedication to trying to ensure the site is kept clear, they also felt a long-term solution was required.

This week Elaine Devine, service manager for enforcement and commercial operations, said: “The Environmental Enforcement Team are working with the local businesses to find a solution to this issue and will issue fixed penalty notices to any person who is caught fly tipping waste around these skips.”

Local councillor Margaret Kennedy, who flagged the matter up at the most recent Council locality meeting, said she was delighted steps were being taken in the right direction.