Cyclists look for more space

The Riderz showed off their moves at St Agatha's Primary School
The Riderz showed off their moves at St Agatha's Primary School
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Fife’s drivers are being reminded to look out for children cycling to school as part of the national ‘Give Me Cycle Space’ campaign.

With lighter nights and summer approaching, the campaign aims to encourage motorists to be more aware, give plenty of space to children on bikes and address parents’ concerns about letting their children cycle on roads.

Stunt cycling team, The Riderz, have joined forces with Cycling Scotland to help with the campaign.

And The Riderz were performing their spectacular stunts at St Agatha’s Primary last week.

As well as enthralling the kids with their impressive back flips and bunny hops, the team were also running Dr Bike maintenance sessions and planning cycle routes to school with the pupils.

Ian Aitken, chief executive of Cycling Scotland, said: “With so many children keen to use their bikes to get to school in Fife it is essential that we raise awareness amongst drivers in the area of the need to give adequate space, as much space as they’d give a car, to those travelling by bike.

“Following last year’s campaign, over two-thirds of parents reported that they felt more confident about their children cycling to school.

“This is a great step forward in allowing kids in Fife to enjoy the huge benefits of regular cycling, safe in the knowledge that drivers will be conscious of youngsters and give them plenty of room to make an easy and safe journey to and from school.”

Councillor Pat Callaghan, Fife Council’s executive spokesman for environment and transportation, said: “Fife Council is in full support of Cycling Scotland’s ‘Give Me Cycle Space’ campaign. We want any barriers that stop people cycling to be removed and raising awareness with drivers is a good start.”