Dad hands in petition calling for new team to take over missing Allan case

Allan went missing in 2013
Allan went missing in 2013

The father of missing man Allan Bryant has sent a petition in to the Scottish Justice Secretary calling for him to appoint a new police team to take over the investigation into his son’s disappearance.

More than 5600 have signed the petition, which Allan Bryant Snr described as an “amazing response”.

He said: “It’s amazing – the support of the people of the town.

“And the comments as well.

“It’s an amazing response.

“Everyone who has followed the story – they are the ones who help us keep fighting.

“I just want to thank everyone for their continued support. It means everything. We will never give up the search for Allan.”

Mr Bryant said he was “relieved” now that the petition had been sent in, adding: “Hopefully not we will get a new police force to take over the case.”

Speaking to the Gazette when the petition was announced, he said: “We firmly believe that the investigation has been handled badly, and unprofessionally since its inception on November 4, 2013. My family has been failed, and continues to be failed by Fife Constabulary.”

Complaints have previously been made by the Bryant family to Police Scotland’s Professional Standards Dept. in 2016, and also to PIRC in 2017.

The Professional Standards Dept and PIRC have each upheld several, sometimes differing, parts of the complaints.

However, Police Scotland said it remains fully committed to do all it can to find the missing man.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “The Major Investigation Team has been assisted by numerous specialists, and we continue to assess, evaluate and action any new information which comes in that might assist our investigation.”