Daniel returns to Fife comedy stage

Daniel Sloss
Daniel Sloss

Levenmouth’s top funnyman is back on home turf this month, doing what he loves best and talking about the subject he loves best – himself.

Stand-up comic Daniel Sloss is bringing his 2014 Edinburgh Festival show to the rest of Scotland – and the diary includes a stop in Kirkcaldy next weekend.

Once again, the award-winning ‘half man, half Xbox’ from East Wemyss has plundered observations from his own life to create his new show, ‘Really...?!’, which sold over 10,000 tickets at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Daniel says it’s his darkest show so far – and you can catch it at the Adam Smith Theatre on Friday, October 10.

The 24-year-old says he loves playing homecoming gigs – but he tends to regard performances anywhere in Scotland as homecoming gigs, especially having travelled so extensively in the last year.

Australia, Europe and America have received regular visits – while Daniel also made his American television debut and signed a talent deal with a major Hollywood studio, after a big hit appearance on the Conan O’Brien Show.

Scottish concerts were very enjoyable to do, he said, and he felt really relaxed about them.

“The crowds like that you’re one of them,” he said.

Daniel also doesn’t get plagued too much by pre-show nerves – a fact he puts down to his love of doing stand-up so much.

“It’s ridiculously fun to do,” he said, adding that nerves were often good for spurring you on.

Armed much of the time with a notebook and an i-Phone, Daniel said he tends to jot down jokes or funny thoughts as they come to him, rather than sitting down to write.

His success so far in America suggests he could be on the threshold of stratospheric superstardom, but he’s playing it all very cautiously and admits quite freely that it may not happen in the end.

In December, he made his USA TV debut with a storming set on the Conan O’Brien Show. He was immediately booked to come back in February this year, which led to a third invite to appear in June – an unprecedented three visits in just over six months.

The first stand-up ever to achieve this, it led to Daniel becoming a recurring cast member on the show and signing a talent deal with Conan’s production company, Conaco, to develop his own show for a Hollywood studio.

The ex-Waid Academy pupil is currently in Los Angeles for more meetings, but he knows the development of such projects is a vast, obstacle-strewn process.

“I’m very realistic about the situation – I am aware it’s unlikely anything will come of it,” he said.

While it’s certainly a very interesting thing to be part of, Daniel is content to let his agent do the negotiating, while he takes the chance to do more stand-up in comedy clubs.

Looking ahead to the Kirkcaldy gig, Daniel advised anyone who is easily offended not to come to his show – but also not to sit at home either, as they’d be doing nothing for society...

“I didn’t get into stand-up to become an actor or a TV presenter,” said Daniel Sloss. “I really enjoy stand-up.”

It looks as if being one man commanding a stage with a spotlight and a microphone is going to be Daniel’s prime purpose for some time to come, despite the string of TV and radio appearances on his CV, since he first started writing and performing comedy aged 16, and his recent insight into the comic industry across the Atlantic.

He said he was impressed with America’s wish to let comics do what they’re good at on TV – a five-minute guest spot on a programme, rather than the UK habit of giving them presenting or guest roles on panel shows. But he assured his fans – he still loves Scotland.