Darren Adie murder trial: Detective tells of interview with accused

Darren Adie
Darren Adie

A detective told how Gordon Coventry was so nervous during an interview following the death of Darren Adie that he “had difficulty speaking”.

Gordon Coventry, 52, denies that on 28 th May last year at Spey Avenue, near its junction with Napier Street, he assaulted Darren Adie by repeatedly striking him on the body with a knife or similar instrument, murdered him and did this having previously evinced malice and ill-will towards him.

On the second day of the murder trial at the High Court in Dunfermline, Detective Constable Douglas Moyes, 37, said he had interviewed Gordon Coventry in the aftermath Mr Adie’s death.

He was interviewed at his father’s home as a possible witness as opposed to a suspect at that time, said the officer.

Advocate depute Tim Niven-Smith asked about the accused’s appearance at the interview.

“He appeared extremely nervous speaking to us that afternoon. He had difficulty speaking, he had an extremely dry mouth and was licking his lips.

“He seemed agitated, was moving his hands and almost clenching his fingers,” said DC Moyes.

The accused had refused to provide a statement to police that day, added the officer.

The detective said he had also asked the accused to give him his mobile phone but he had refused this.

“How much time did you spend with him that afternoon?” asked Mr Niven-Smith.

“Five or ten minutes. He was nervous from the start,” replied the officer.

Under cross-examination from defence solicitor Gordon Martin, DC Moyes confirmed that the accused had provided police with a DNA sample at that time when he was not legally required to do so.

The trial before Lord Uist continues.