David Mach’s Commando style return to his roots

Artist David Mach at the Lochgelly Centre. 'Photo: WALTER NEILSON
Artist David Mach at the Lochgelly Centre. 'Photo: WALTER NEILSON

Methil-born artist David Mach returns to his Fife roots with his latest exhibition showing in the Fifespace Gallery at the Lochgelly Centre.

‘Mach Goes Commando’ is currently running at the venue in the town’s Bank Street.

Last week the man himself was back in Fife as his artwork went on display.

Fresh from major assaults on Hong Kong and New York, ‘Commando’ books supply the ammunition for David’s latest work.

The renowned artist explained: “They are not just based on them, they actually use bits of ‘Commando’ books.

“Really it comes from doing collage.

“I spent many years making collage in all sorts of varieties and shapes.

“I started collecting the magazines, ripping them up and filing them under things like explosions, seascapes, deserts, jungles.

“That was the beauty of the Commando magazines, you could go from the Sahara Desert in one story to the jungles of Borneo in the next.

“I started filing all this stuff and made things like beach scenes out of it.

“You would take bits from different Commando comic stories to make up the scene.

“So possibly the rough seascape from one, and there would be a trawler in another story, and a full moon somewhere else and you’d piece them together to make up the scene.

“The comics were beautifully drawn by DC Thomson.

“I would look at the drawings and just follow my nose.

“They are very enjoyable to make.

“I like the way they are drawn fantastically well .

“They are a material and not just a source.”

David’s previous work, including those sculptures made of match heads and coathangers, are internationally well known, but to come back to Fife and show his work somewhere like Lochgelly is important to him.

He added: “I think it’s really important as far as I’m concerned. It’s all serious work.

“I have talked to a number of young artists and and said you have got to treat every show as your best.

“There’s already been interesting things come from this.

“I have had it all my career, people saying things like ‘you shouldn’t be showing in 
Lochgelly’, but why shouldn’t I?

“People before said to me ‘you shouldn’t be showing in Milton Keynes’.

“I don’t understand why not.

“They’d say ‘there’s nothing there to future your work’, but I don’t believe that about anywhere.”

nMach Goes Commando’ runs at Fifespace Lochgelly until October 9.