Decision delay headache for Remploy staff

Remploy Factory, Banbeath Industrial Estate, Leven.
Remploy Factory, Banbeath Industrial Estate, Leven.

WORKERS at Remploy Marine Fife are being made to wait a bit longer for a decision on their future.

It was expected the board of the disabled workers business would have decided who to sell the Leven and Cowdenbeath sites to last Wednesday, but no decision was made.

It is now hoped a decision will be made before the end of the week.

In the meantime, MP Lindsay Roy has reiterated his plea for common sense to prevail. He said: “We know that there is at least one serious bid in to take over Remploy Marine Fife and everyone who has worked so hard to secure the future of the factories is hoping that a buyer will be secured.

“The Government has promised that one of the central criteria by which bids are being judged is sustaining the workforce in employment and I welcome this.

“What no-one wants to see is some fly-by-night operator moving in and stripping the company of its assets and moving the work abroad.

“The loyal, dedicated workforce deserve a secure future, making a valuable contribution to manufacturing in Britain.”

Last week, the Scottish Affairs Committee, which Mr Roy is a member of, said that the Department for Work and Pensions, and the Remploy board, have hampered the prospects for the future of the business by their inflexible approach and lack of support.