Defence secretary invited to Leuchars

Sir Menzies Campbell
Sir Menzies Campbell

North East Fife MP Sir Menzies Campbell has invited the new Defence Secretary Philip Hammond to visit RAF Leuchars.

Pointing out that Mr Hammond’s predecessor, Liam Fox, had declined to meet community representatives in Leuchars following the announcement that the RAF would be leaving the base, Sir Menzies said it was “essential” to underline once again the importance of a military presence in north east Fife.

“By coming to Leuchars, Philip Hammond would have the opportunity to explain how the Ministry of Defence will minimise the disruption caused by the RAF leaving Leuchars and the army arriving and to reassure us all that the military has a future in Fife,” he said.

In his letter to Mr Hammond, Sir Menzies said there had been “anxiety” in the local community about the transition between the RAF departing and the army units arriving at Leuchars.

“The timetable as set out by your Department for the transition confirms that the army HQ and two additional military units intended for Leuchars will not be in place by the time the Typhoons are redeployed.

“Indeed, some informed commentators have begun to doubt the likelihood of the army coming to Leuchars at all.

“If you were able to visit you would be able to see at first hand the important role played by the base in the local community and reassure it that your department is committed to maintaining a significant military presence at Leuchars.”