Supercarrier HMS Prince of Wales to sail up Forth this week

The gigantic supercarrier HMS Prince Of Wales will make its way up the Forth this week, after years of work at Babcock Rosyth.
HMS Prince of Wales. Picture: Lisa FergusonHMS Prince of Wales. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
HMS Prince of Wales. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

The vessel, which is the second of the pair being assembled at Rosyth, is scheduled to exit the dock on either Friday of Saturday, weather permitting.

The launch will be a milestone for the HMS Prince of Wales, after construction first started in 2011.

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A number of large blocks were made at dockyards around the UK, before being brought to Fife for assembly.

It is understood that the carrier will leave later this week though no specific time has been confirmed yet by the Ministry of Defence.

It will then begin sea trials before being declared fit for duty.

It has been estimated that the two carriers will have cost a total of £6.2 billion to build.

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The Wales’ sister ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth, sailed out of Rosyth in June 2017.

A mast on the gigantic ship had to be lowered in order to fit underneath the three Forth bridges, clearing it by less than two metres.

It then spent a few days in the Forth just off Kirkcaldy, with extensive activity by helicopters over the water.

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