Delayed delivery of service

Lochgelly Post Office
Lochgelly Post Office
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HOPES have been raised that Lochgelly is a step closer to getting its vital post office service back sooner rather than later.

Rumours have been circulating around the village that a new subpostmaster could be in place as early as next week and Kirkcaldy area MP Gordon Brown told The Press “progress” is being made following his call for it to be reinstated immediately.

A Post Office spokesman however refused to confirm an exact reopening date - or if indeed it would be next week - but did state it was “continuing to work with parties who have shown an interest”.

The post office, which was housed at the Good News supermarket at 76 Main Street, closed unexpectedly on February 12 following the closure of the shop and resignation of the subpostmaster.

But with parties almost immediately revealed as being interested in taking over the role it was expected to only ever be a temporary closure.


It is also now understood the service doesn’t necessarily even have to run out of its former premises - leading to some people expecting a new subpostmaster could operate from elsewhere in the village.

In the meantime concerns remain over how the extended closure is inconveniencing the people of the village, especially the elderly and less able bodied population who may struggle to travel to Lochore or Cowdenbeath and back to carry out their business - such as collecting their pension.

Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister, became involved in the situation after these issues were raised to him by some of his constituents.


This week he said he had been working with the various parties involved and highlighted it was good that people had been identified as interested in taking over the running of the service in the town.

He added: “We have led a campaign to ensure that the Lochgelly Post Office is reopened. This is particularly necessary for the convenience of elderly citizens.

“Fife Council has agreed that the reopening of the Post Office is a priority and is working with us to achieve this.”