Deliberate fire has residents worried

RESIDENTS in a block of flats close to the Glenwood Shopping Centre had a narrow escape after vandals set fire to rubbish in a stairwell.

The alarm was raised and police and fire crew were called to the scene of the incident, which happened around 5.30pm on Thursday evening, April 5.

Concerned tenants were told to stay indoors as the fire was extinguished.

One resident who did not want to be identified said: “It very worrying for us folk who live in the flats, what chance would we have had of escape had the fire developed into a more serious blaze?

“This is just the latest incident in an ongoing problem that the flats and the centre have with anti-social behaviour, more needs to be done by councillors and the police.”

Reacting to the events, Councillor Betty Campbell said: “I’ve been urging both the Police and Fife Council to do all they can to rid the centre of the problems residents currently face and I’ll be following this through.”

The fire was extinguished before further damage was caused and council officials have boarded up a window damaged in the incident.