Delight as Kirkcaldy footpath set to reopen

Kirkcaldy north councillors David Ross, Neil Crooks and Carol Lindsay with Keith Brown from Fife Council
Kirkcaldy north councillors David Ross, Neil Crooks and Carol Lindsay with Keith Brown from Fife Council

Kirkcaldy councillors are celebrating the news that a popular footpath is set to re-open after being blocked off for months for safety reasons.

Ground behind shops in Dollar Crescent was excavated by a shop owner for vehicle access leaving the ground unstable - and Council officers decided to close the paths for public safety, to the annoyance of residents.

Now, after months of representations by all three councillors for the Kirkcaldy north area, a resolution will be in place within weeks.

Councillor Neil Crooks said he and colleagues David Ross and Carol Lindsay had been inundated by calls from residents when the two footpaths were blocked off.

“We started off responding to individual calls but soon joined forces to try to find a lasting solution,’’ he said.

‘‘No-one appeared willing to take responsibility for fixing the problem, and weeks then months passed with both footways linking the Glamis Road bus turning circle shut off.

“This was not only inconvenient for people looking to get to the shops, but also led to increased distances for those walking to the busy turning circle from the Greenloanings and Dallas Drive area.”

Councillor Ross added: “Our frustration at the situation came to a head recently and the Council will re-open one of the footways and erect fencing to safeguard the public. The other path, behind houses in St Fillans Place, will remain closed with the agreement of the residents.”

Councillor Lindsay said she was happy with the news, but criticised the time it had taken.

“We all started receiving calls around 18 months ago. I couldn’t believe that someone could just dig away land exposing a 12 feet vertical drop from the footpath. It looked like only dirt was under the footway and we felt it would probably need propped up in some way. However, it is on the housing account and funding has been found to bring it back into use at long last.”

Keith Brown, maintenance team leader , said it had been a complicated issue.

“At the end of the day we have agreed with the local councillors on a solution and had an approved contractor appointed to carry out the works which are due to start soon.”