Delivering the goods for 34 years

Long serving Glenrothes posties Raymond Pitman, right, and Stuart McGregor. Pic: Steve Brown
Long serving Glenrothes posties Raymond Pitman, right, and Stuart McGregor. Pic: Steve Brown

Two long-serving posties have proved that when it comes to customer service they’re first class.

After doing their bit to help distribute a record-breaking 76,000 letters and parcels from the Glenrothes sorting office last Monday, Ray Pitman and Stuart McGregor, took time out of their busy day to talk about how the job has changed over the last three decades.

The pair who both started work in the same place on the same day have both just notched up 34 years service.

The 57-year-old grandfather-of-three Stuart explained that both he and Ray (56) attended the same interview at the former Glenrothes Royal Mail sorting office in the town centre and were then both given rounds in Markinch.

“In those days we delivered around six or seven bundles but now we’re delivering nine or ten bags to around 700 houses per day. The job certainly keeps you fit and now we’ve got trolleys to help us move the bags around.”

Ray, who originally comes from Kirkcaldy, said the winter is the best time of year.

“I like the snow and delivering to our customers at Christmas time. I’ve had the same round for 28 years so I’ve come to know all of my customers really well. I’ve known a lot of customers go from being wee bairns to adults and you get to know a lot about people.”

“Having the same round for such a long time is pretty unusual these days but it has meant have a lot of local knowledge which is a great asset to the job.

But with walks of up to 26 miles a day I can also go through a pair of shoes in three months, which isn’t so great!”

Stuart, who drives a delivery van after walking the same round for ten years, said experiences in the postal service could fill a book.

“I’ve seen quite a few amusing things and luckily never had any really bad experiences, the only real problem we have is dog attacks. We won’t put ourselves in danger though.”

Ray said his most amusing memory is of losing a cadet while showing him the ropes.

“Michael is about six foot six but it took me a while to find him!”

Both agree the best bit of the job is meeting customers, many of which have already expressed their thanks for years of good service with some Christmas goodies.