Demo at Glenrothes factory over ‘bomb’ making

The recent march in Kirkcaldy
The recent march in Kirkcaldy

Locals will march on the Raytheon plant in Glenrothes this weekend after claims it is producing components for weapons used in the attacks in Gaza.

The factory, in the town’s Queensway Industrial estate, as well as others throughout the UK, makes laser guidance systems used in bombs similiar to those being used by the Israelis to kill civilians on the ground.

The protest has been called by the national executive of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and it follows on from a 700-strong turnout at the ‘March For Gaza’ in Kirkcaldy earlier this month.

Bill Mair, from the local Fife branch, said: “Even as the UN accuses Israel of war crimes, the killing of Palestinian citizens in Gaza continues, with the death toll now approaching 2,000 people, including 400 children, in just four weeks.

“Following the Scottish government minister, Humza Yousaf’s call for a UK embargo on arms sales to Israel, we will march to Raytheon and call for them to turn swords to ploughshares.

“Raytheon produce more than just components for weaponry, they turn out all sorts of useful electronics as well, such as sat navs.

“As Fifers and Scots, we stand against these weapons of mass destruction being manufactured in Fife, or anywhere in our country.”

Raytheon is the fifth biggest arms manufacturer in the world and its Glenrothes plant employs 560 people.

It recently won a £7millon contract to make the bomb’s laser guidance system as part of a larger international order.

A company spokesman said: “Our facility in Glenrothes does component work for a wide range of our government and commercial solutions.”

The demonstration will assemble on the pedestrianised area outside Fife House at 3.00 p.m. on Saturday before marching to the Raytheon plant.