Demolition is best for town to move ahead

Cardenden toilets will be demolished
Cardenden toilets will be demolished

Cardenden residents say they are relieved and delighted at a decision not to sell off former public toilets in the village.

Fife Council made a U-turn after a public outcry when it announced the old public convenience block was to be put on the market - butIt has now decided that the Station Road toilets will be knocked down.

Local councillors Mark Hood and Linda Erskine, welcomed the rethink.

Mr Hood said: “Residents are keen to see the main shopping area rejuvenated where this site sits, so it was too important to risk selling to a property speculator willing to hold on to the building until it increased in value. With the site cleared the Council and community are in strong position to influence the redevelopment.”

Mrs Erskine added: “We have two examples of where the council has sold council premises in the Cardenden area only for them to be bought by a private developer and left to fall into a poor state of repair. I’m pleased this will not be a third.”

David Taylor, secretary of Cardenden and Kinglassie Community Council, said: “We are relieved and delighted that the decision has been taken to demolish them as it gets rid of another eyesore in the village.

“We are trying our best to tidy up the area and if it was sold it would probably just remain in a rundown state for a long time, like some of the other buildings that have been sold on.’’