Desecrating the memory of the dead

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A KENNOWAY woman has hit out at the heartless individuals continuing to cause havoc in the town’s cemetery.

Sandra Boylan (59), said she had “finally had enough” of constantly having to repair damage to her late father’s graveside and demanded the insult to those resting there stopped.

Mrs Boylan told the Mail on a number of separate occasions she had visited her late father Andrew Anderson, who died five years ago aged 78, to find ornaments and sentimental items had been stolen or broken, and flowers ripped up.

On her most recent visit to the Langside Avenue cemetery on Friday, which pushed her over the edge, she discovered one of two ornamental robins left at his graveside had been discarded and that a five-inch high brass anvil had been stolen.

She said: “I was crying when I went up and I phoned my husband and could hardly even speak to him. I just told him I was sick of it.

“My dad was a blacksmith and my brother got the anvil made for him in Gretna, and that was only put up around Christmas.

“Nothing gets left long, everything gets pinched or scattered.

“It’s maybe children doing it but people should know where their kids are and what they are up to.

“It’s quite maddening. I’m going on holiday today and it’s already put a dampener on it, that they have done this to him again.”

Visitors to Kennoway Cemetery have often complained of incidents plaguing the site. Only last September Samantha Fisher was left distraught after the grave of her five-day-old son was singled out for attack by thieves.