Developers still have faith in foundry

Methil Docks
Methil Docks

Two years on, there is still ‘no sail’ regarding the foundry proposed for Fife Energy Park which would supply component parts for wind turbines.

It was announced in March 2012 that a consortium called RGR Foundry Ltd was preparing an application to build a modern, environmentally-friendly factory supporting a worldwide offshore wind market.

Around 250 jobs were envisaged as the group hoped to bring “sustainable business growth and development” to the area.

However, spokesman Adele Ellis said last week the project was “still on hold” as further finance and investors were being sought.

Despite the fact no formal planning application had been submitted, Ms Ellis said the developers were still hopeful the venture would go ahead.

Once RGR Foundry Ltd had secured further support, she added, it would resume its plans.

“We would still go back through the pre-consultation process and take it from there,” she added.

However, Ms Ellis, a planning consultant with AE Assoicates, could not say how much the project would cost or when it was expected to move forward.