Dick Dynamite film crowdfunder smashes target

Dick Dynamite takes on the NazisDick Dynamite takes on the Nazis
Dick Dynamite takes on the Nazis
A Kirkcaldy filmmaker's crowdfunding bid to help shoot a feature-length action comedy has smashed its target.

Robbie Davidson shot the first four minutes of Dick Dynamite initially with no budget, and asked for the public’s help in raising £8,000 online.

However, just a few weeks after a well-attended launch party at the Adam Smith Theatre, the Kickstarter appeal hit £9,523.

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It reached and surpassed its target before the deadline, which was on Friday.

Robbie DavidsonRobbie Davidson
Robbie Davidson

Dick Dynamite will feature an Arnold Schwarzenegger-style World War Two hero who single-handedly takes on the Nazis.

Robbie says: “I’m stoked. It was the Thursday morning when it was at just over £7,000, and come noon it had hit the target.

“I think lots of people who were thinking of making a pledge realised it was one day to go and it just went crazy.

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“It’s just totally humbling that people from all round the world got in touch and said that they loved it and wanted to see it happen.

Adolf Hitler, as portrayed in Dick DynamiteAdolf Hitler, as portrayed in Dick Dynamite
Adolf Hitler, as portrayed in Dick Dynamite

“I just had to take a step back to really take it in that all these people believe in what was essentially this madcap idea in my head to make this over-the-top action flick.

“It’s such an honour and I can’t thank the supporters enough.

“And also thanks to the people who helped make the Kickstarter video, who was in it, and who helped behind the scenes.

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“We’re now just aiming to make the film bigger, better, and as badass as we can.

“I’ve had to spend a lot of time editing everything, so I’d also like to thank my partner Val, who has been very patient and understanding despite recently giving birth to our daughter.”

The bigger budget will mean better production values, something one particularly busy cast member will be more than happy about.

“One outfit was used for a lot of the guys, and they were just multiplied on greenscreen,” Robbie said.

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“With the soldiers, there was just one guy who played the part of umpteen different soldiers and got killed in lots of different ways, so he really went through the ringer.

“When we were filming, he was all out of breath from wearing the gasmask, sweating from jumping around and playing the part of about a dozen Nazis.

“So we’d like to use real locations rather than green screen where possible, so we’ll need to have multiple outfits as well.

“It’ll be spent on real locations, props, and hopefully some practical effects.

“It’s something I’d love to see happen.

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“The plan is to shoot over Easter, but we may revamp the intro a little sooner than that.”

The initial clip was shown at the Grossmann Film Festival in Slovenia, where it was very well received.

At the launch night, Another Radge Film Fest, Robbie also showed clips from other local filmmakers.

Previously Robbie gained attention for Radge Land, a short film made in Kirkcaldy and Leith about a man who accidentally runs incurs the wrath of the town’s united homeless people.

The film was shown at the Edinburgh Filmhouse as well as the Adam Smith.