Disabled access reinstated on High Street

1711055 SSFF high street cars 'cars parked on the High Street, Kirkcaldy
1711055 SSFF high street cars 'cars parked on the High Street, Kirkcaldy
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disabled motorists and delivery drivers have been allowed back on to Kirkcaldy’s High Street.

Access for Blue Badge holders and shop deliveries was reinstated on Saturday after a four-month ban while work to upgrade the pedestrianised area was carried out.

With the revamp almost done, the cars and lorries will return under existing conditions – every day between 5 p.m. and noon and all day on Tuesdays.

Leaflets advising people where they can park within the pedestrianised area were given out to shoppers over the weekend and throughout this week.


Dave Frew, Fife Council’s transport planning team leader, said: “The parking order preventing traffic from entering the High Street came off on Saturday, so Blue Badge and delivery drivers are now allowed back in under the existing agreement.

“We have had staff handing out leaflets asking motorists only to park on the left hand side of the one way street so that vehicles needing to pass will have room to do so.

“Over the past few months we have been having discussions with Kirkcaldy4All and the disability forums to look at a review of the access arrangements,.

‘‘And a working group is still looking at this with a view to improving the situation.

‘‘No decision has been made on this yet, but positive steps have been taken towards a sensible outcome for everyone.”


Bill Harvey, project co-ordinator with Kirkcaldy4All, said: “I attended a couple of good open meetings where it was my understanding that the Council’s transportation department had agreed the way ahead and they were going to publish the new rules and regulations for the High Street.

“From speaking to most of the shopkeepers in the area they liked the idea of a pedestrianised zone, but they also agreed that there has to be controlled access for blue badge holders and deliveries.

“They are waiting to find out what the new regulations from the Council will be and are hoping for a compromise decision.”

l Is reverting to the status quo really satisfactory? Editorial: P21